Executive Coaching

Feedback from Coaching Clients and Leaders of Learning and Organization Development Programs:

“Marian has been a primary supporter in my career over the years because as a manager – and now a senior executive who has increased responsibilities with direct impact on the business, revenue, and employees – I still need consistent coaching support to be the best leader possible. Marian coaches me to be a leader who is able to guide teams, executives, and the organization in the most productive and results-oriented manner that also allows individual contributors to be independent, fulfilled by their jobs, inspired, and motivated to do their best for the organizations we work for.

Marian has been able to help by focusing on my needs, personalizing the sessions to me and the industry, the company I work in – let it be media, advertising, marketing, finance, publishing, or technology – with additional emphasis on my development as a woman in many male dominant sectors which is critical and requires further expertise on her part.

Marian is able to transform tools and techniques into solutions and strategies to apply in day-to-day operations, regardless of the size of the teams or company. By building and maintaining a trusted relationship, Marian has my full confidence to appropriately balance between business ‘need-to-know’ and my professional obligations/affiliations. I look to her excellent advice on all topics from motivation, communication, retention to collaboration and even professional advancement and rely on her coaching wisdom and natural coaching instinct to ensure that I can get the most and best out of my teams and business situations.”

~ Pearl Collings, Senior Vice President, Sales Operations, New Media Company, New York, NY


As people say, the most wonderful things happen to us unexpectedly. I met Marian at one of the Learning and Development workshops a couple of years ago. Her talent, sharp knowledge of the industry, and ability to be relevant stood out immediately. I reached out for coaching, as I was unsuccessfully pursuing much needed career change. Marian’s approach was extremely personal to my needs, and her attention to detail was unmatched. Unlike other coaches I had tried before, Marian was able to help me produce visible positive results almost immediately. She helped me structure my resume, but most importantly, she coached me how to accurately communicate during interviews and present my strengths. Her tireless efforts paid off, and I am happily employed. I also would like to note Marian’s coaching work around leadership skills, including applied usage of MBTI and emotional intelligence. I would recommend Marian to anyone seeking comprehensive, customized approach to their needs.”

~ Milana K, Business Development Manager, New York, NY


“Marian took a collaborative and in-depth approach to revising my resume and cover letter. She pushed me to think deeply about my strengths and weaknesses, as well as about the path I wanted my career to take. Through conversation and personality tests, she was able to show me the best paths forward not only based on my current perceptions, but also based on what was the best fit for my talents and skills. She helped me to understand why I needed to think big. She showed me how I already had many of the skills needed for senior management roles, and how to present these skills to others. After working with her, I was able to take the leap to start a high growth company. I would definitely return to work with Marian more as my career progresses. “

~ Candice M. Hughes, PhD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, AdapTac Games LLC, New Jersey


“Marian and I met through the “Executives on Campus Program” at Baruch College in 2009, at the beginning of my MBA studies, and I had the privilege of being her coachee throughout my academic program. She gave me her advice and perspective on the US culture which helped me to blend well into the US educational system and corporate culture. Even after our official coaching was over, I continued to reach out to her during my internship and job search. Her guidance and expertise can help shape anyone’s career in a better direction as she did with mine.

Her ability to connect with people and help them overcome any anxiety they may have is what makes her a great coach. Another quality of hers that really impressed me was her talent to breakdown any one big complex problem into small, simple ones and then deal with each of them separately. Her ability to analyze different situations from multiple perspectives is commendable.”

~ Shaheena Lokhandwala, Experienced Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers – Risk Assurance, New York, NY


“Marian is an excellent professional development and career coach who is versed in assisting programs in preparing their participants to be competitive in today’s job market and present themselves confidently to employers. Her coaching and teaching support participants in achieving their goals and improving their writing and interpersonal communication skills.”

~ Mamie Brown, Executive Director, Non-Profit Program, New York, NY


“Marian is an outstanding coach!  Her ability to get me to delve deeply into myself helped me to clearly construct professional and personal goals. By taking steps to realize these goals, Marian’s intuitive nature assisted me in developing the steps to reach those goals.  She is a truly impressive person.”

~ GF, University Administrator, New York, NY


“Over the past 10 months while I have been working with Marian, I have made significant changes in every area of my life. She has supported me through the completion of a professional certification program, a return to the work force, and a difficult divorce. Her thoughtful, gentle, yet precise coaching is exactly what I needed to fully embrace my own potential, challenge limiting beliefs about myself, and create the career and relationship changes that I have been wanting for years and years. There have been times in our work where I felt as if I wanted to quit and crawl back into myself, but she believed in me and my abilities and held me accountable to the version of myself that I dream of living… Thank you, Marian for helping me to navigate, and actually really love, the road to my BEST ME!!”

~ Mary-Ann, Yoga Instructor/Life Coach, New York, NY


“Marian is a compassionate, insightful coach who inspires her clients to fulfill their greatest potential.”

~ Laurie W., Non-Profit Executive, New York, NY


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