Feedback from Managers and Engineers after Personal Effectiveness Four-day Suite of Courses at Thomson Reuters:


“Marian’s key strengths revolve around accurately interpreting reactions in situations and adapting her approach to make the most of the situation. Instead of trying to control situations, Marian allows the situation to develop and then uses it as a talking point to establish an understanding. Another strength I noticed about Marian is her ability to see the positive in people even when their actions seem to be negative. She helps people feel at ease which in turn encourages communication and teamwork.”

~ Operations Engineer, New York, NY

“Marian was very encouraging about bringing up ‘real-life’ examples so that, as a class, we could work on a real issue – that in itself was very helpful and eye-opening. I work nights but looked forward to going to Marian’s class because she instructs in such a way that you WANT to know what’s coming up next!”

~ Systems Engineer, New York, NY

“Marian is a gifted listener and uses that ability to help guide the instruction by understanding the specific situations and need of each group member. She knows how to let group discussions evolve but still steer it to the desired goal; being firm when needed. During instruction, she is amazing at how she keeps everything interactive and engages the group.”

~ IT Engineer, New York, NY

Feedback from Managers and Engineers after Communication Skills One-day Workshop at Thomson Reuters:


“Super Class – I learned tools to improve my relationships and quality of work. Loved the information. Very cutting edge.”

~ Systems Engineer, New York, NY

“This is one of the most important seminars you will attend. I say this because the concepts covered in this seminar will make you a better person and ultimately will improve your relationships with others.”

~ IT Engineer, New York, NY

“Marian is an excellent instructor. Material is valid, current, and she instructs well.”

~ Systems Engineer, Brookfield, WI

[The course] is excellent and will help you see yourself in a new light. That should then help you to see and understand others better and build strong relationships.”

~ Senior Operations Project Manager, New York, NY

“[The course] teaches you to communicate effectively in a neutral way.”

~ Systems Engineer, St. Louis, MO

“I believe that everyone in the organization would benefit from this course. I can see how this course can improve communication skills not only with individuals, but also with multi-regional teams.”

~ Senior Operations Engineer, Hauppauge, NY

“The material was very enlightening. I was quite surprised by some of the tools within my grasp that can make a difference in my work life.”

~ Network Systems Engineer, Hauppauge, NY

“It was awesome, explained different communication styles and how to get your point across.”

~ Network Systems Engineer, New York, NY

“Improved my awareness of others and self.”

~ IT Engineer, New York, NY

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