Feedback at the Conclusion of Learning and Organization Development Consulting Engagements:


“Marian has a sincere desire to make a difference and facilitate lasting change. She is also very flexible in her style and is able to adapt to multiple audiences. I was impressed by the way she was willing to sacrifice her program plans to meet changing demands at very short notice. In developing our Communication & Influencing, Problem-Solving & Decision-Making, Time Management, and Innovation courses, she managed to research and distil the latest thinking into a concise and engaging curriculum.”

~ PB, Global Head of Learning, Technology Operations, Thomson Reuters, London, UK


“Marian and I became colleagues when she joined our Global Learning Team for Technology Operations in our NYC office, but only after she had moved on did I realize that we were indeed working in two different time zones; that is how seamless and comfortable it was working with her.

I have seen Marian work as an Instructional Designer, Trainer, and Coach. I remember our first assignment together where she was solely responsible for implementing a four-day professional skills training program for the entire Technology Operations group. Not only did she design the training methodologies and the supporting curriculum, she also helped select culturally appropriate course content to be delivered across regions. She single-handedly designed and developed all the courses from concept to finished product and produced all the course materials from handouts to facilitator’s guides to identifying the right videos and assessment tools. She also trained the trainers across the Americas, Europe, and Asia to facilitate the courses in our respective locations. The Global Learning Team continues to offer the courses in their almost original format. Marian is a skilled professional, and I admire her versatility and depth of knowledge, which makes it a delight to work and have a conversation with her.

Additionally, Marian is extremely responsive and accessible. To be an effective Coach or Trainer in our Global Learning Team, one needs to be able to work with different people from different cultures. Many a times, it is not just about being professional, but it is more about being mindful and culturally sensitive which is something I have admired about Marian. I value her insight and personal attention.

Marian, amongst all, is an exceptional listener, and it is a warm feeling when I interact with her. She is able to remember aspects and instances and connect the dots so well that it hardly matters if we are working in different time-zones and in different organizations now, which is an outstanding quality in her.
For me, Marian is thoughtful, experienced, grounded, real, and very professional. I would love to work with Marian again.”

~ Kavitha Kesavan, Global Learning Consultant, Thomson Reuters, Bangalore, India

“Marian’s key strengths are her ability to assess the needs of participants and take a systematic approach to delivering materials that can be understood and internalized.”

~ Non-Profit Executive, New York, NY

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