The essence of Reflective Leadership is contemplating on experiences in our personal and professional lives not only for the purpose of making sense of them, but also for learning from them and applying the gained insight to better handle the next experience. As leaders in our professional and personal lives, we often feel swept away by our work responsibilities and a full calendar of activities. We get caught up in the doing and neglect our need for a moment of introspection, reflection, and slowing down. Important questions we need to ask ourselves include:

Interpersonal Communication

  • How is it that I get along with some people and not with others?
  • Why does my performance evaluation sometimes say that I need to be more outgoing?
  • Why is it that, sometimes, what I want to say comes out the wrong way?

Emotional Intelligence

  • Do I realize that, occasionally, what I do or say does not land well with other people?
  • Am I able to adjust when I notice that I have lost my listener’s attention? Do I actually notice it?
  • Do I understand the dynamics of my environment and my way of being in that environment?

Fulfilling Work

  • How is it that if I were offered a management position, I would rather stay in my technical specialist role?
  • Why do I feel disillusioned by my work even though I enjoyed studying the content area in grad school?
  • Why do I find my work and life less and less fulfilling and wonder what I could do about it?

Sometimes, the answers to these questions come easily; other times, they are quite elusive. If you are feeling stuck even though you have made every effort to resolve your challenge, it may be a good time to consider working with a coach.

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“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

~ Louis Pasteur